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We are currently the first organization in the world to provide currency exchange forecasting services for long periods of time (up to 100 years in advance) and therefore have virtually no competition from other financial firms. Our annual charts are prepared with Elliott Wave Analysis dating from the year 1800 to the year 2100.

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Additional Information:

  1. The Foreign Currency Exchange Market – the world’s largest trade market, processes over 1.5 trillion dollars worth of transactions every day. This is considerably more than the New York Stock Exchange, which handles anywhere from 20-30 billion dollars worth of transactions on a daily basis.
  2. Twenty-four hours per day thousands of banks, tens of thousands international corporations, numerous brokerage and investment firms, and millions of private investors from around the world are trading currencies on the Foreign Currency Exchange Market. Operations performed daily at this exchange are often the main source of income of many of the world’s banks, which receive 70-80% of their profits from currency trading and only 20-30% from loan collections and other related transactions.
  3. Surprisingly, considering the impact of such a large market, there exist no organizations offering strategic forecasting information on currency pricing for an extended period of time in advance (20, 50, 100 years ahead).
  4. Long-term forecasting is an important element in currency value predictions because it is the fundamental data used as the base of short-term forecasting (1,3,5 years ahead).

    • a) Just as the walls of a building are erected upon a solid foundation, predictions of currency value shifts are based upon historical data of past market values.
    • b) In a similar sense, just as the walls of a building make up it’s framework, short-term currency forecasts are the framework of long-term currency forecasting.
    • c) In order to construct the walls of a building, one must study the blueprints of its design. Similarly, in order to make accurate predictions about short-term operations, one must know the general direction of the current market.
  5. Our charts show fluctuations in price of 28 major currency pairs for the last 200 years (from 1800 to present time) including the largest possible currency price fluctuations for the next 100 years (until the year 2100). No other competing firm offers currency price forecasting for such a long period of time in advance. We offer a total of 308 charts and 128 tables showing historical data and forecasting information for major currency pairs. A complete listing of currency pairs can be found at our home page.
    Additionally, we offer more than 12,000 of historical currency exchange rates data tables and charts for Cross Rates and tables showing Cross Rates flow for the next 100 years (all world nations). Our information database of historical currency flow rates is one of the most extensive collections available in the world today.
  6. The information displayed by our products is not limited to analyzing the Foreign Currency Exchange Market. With the aid of our currency forecasts, you will be able to examine other financial markets and economic transactions in various regions of the globe. For example:

    • a) When the price of the US dollar rises, valuable natural resources such as Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, and Silver fall in their economic value and vice-versa.
    • b) Land property values will rise in a nation whose currency price will increase. For example, when the price of the US dollar begins rises, so does the price of land in the United States.
    • c) The price of the Swiss franc goes up in value during a military conflict between two or more nations, and it begins to fall as the conflict nears its end. Using our informational charts on the Swiss franc, you will be able to form accurate predictions on the political stability of the world’s nations.
    • d) An achieved stability of the value of a national currency leads to an increased number of foreign investments into the economy a specific nation. (Ex: stock market prices of shares issued by companies will rise as the value of the currency begins to stabilize in the host nation).
    • e) As the value of a national currency begins to rise, so does the average labor productivity and the average employee wage compensation. The unemployment rate will begin to drop, which in turn increases the amount of retail sales and stimulates the national economy.
    • f) An increase in the value of national currency leads to an increase in the export of product at a lower price and a decrease in the import of product at a higher price. Therefore, such currency flow predictions can be very valuable to an organization or an individual who operates in the import/export trade.
    • g) Other companies that will benefit from our products are those dealing with importing and exporting fossil fuels (Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal) as well as precious metals (Gold, Silver, and Copper). Our currency forecasting trends will indicate the ideal time period for purchase or sale of these materials and identify the most value-adding world currency for the transaction.
    • h) These are just a few examples of the additional benefits of our informational packets, there are many more possible uses for our products.
  7. The national economy is the single greatest factor that influences currency value. As the economy of a nation grows to become more stabilized, the price of the national currency begins to rise in comparison to other countries. Therefore, our products can be used as a reliable source of information for predicting the stability of world economies in the 21st century. This is a valuable tool for anyone who deals in financial investments.

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition:

  1. We provide forecasting trends for all primary world currencies (28 pairs), Gold, and Crude Oil for the next 100 years (until the year 2100).
  2. We are the world’s first and only company to accurately forecast currency trends for over 100 years into the future. No similar firm can compete with our products.
  3. Our Cross Rates historical database (including the last 200 years) provides data on over 1,800 currency pairs, and is among the most extensive in the world.
  4. We forecast value trends of national currencies (all world nations) in relation to AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, and USD for the next 100 years.
  5. Our data shows increases and decreases in currency value as well as side trends. This information allows the user to predict the most probable currency trend in any economic environment.

The Complete List of Our Products:

  1. Major Currency Pairs.
  2. Major Currency Pairs.
  3. Major Currency Pairs.
  4. Major Currency Pairs.
  5. Cross Rates.
  6. Cross Rates.
  7. Cross Rates.
  8. Cross Rates.
  9. Cross Rates.
  10. Cross Rates.
  11. Gold and Crude Oil.

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  12. Website ( www.forexuklv.net/ ).

Using our data base, you can generate annual data tables and charts of all currency pairs in the world (more than 25,000 currency pairs) for the last 100-150 years. We can show you how to do that. You will have around 100,000 annual data tables and charts. That will be the most extensive data base of currency pairs, which you can find on internet at this time.

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